Stormlight Archive Book 1&2 Review

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The way of kings is the first Brandon Sanderson’s books that I read. I’ve heard of him for a long time. And this year I finally read his works.

Stormlight Archive is an epic fantasy series. This series is located on a world named Roshar. It follows four characters but sometimes peeks into other character’s point of view. The first one is Kaladin, he’s a soldier that turned into a slave. The second is Dalinar; he’s a high prince, and his story is often accompanied by Adolin; his son. The last one is Shallan, she’s the daughter of one of the high prince. The story begins with an assassination of Alethi King. This event will lead the Alethi into war with the parshendi, who claims the blame. They fight on the shattered plains. A place where the ground is cracked into a chasm.

Brandon Sanderson is famous for his magic system, and I find myself interested in the magic in this book. The first magic that’s shown is a form of gravity magic that can make the user “fall” into a selected thing. So, the user can make himself “fall” to the ceiling by turning the centre of gravity to it. Another thing in this book is the shard blade and shard plate. A shard blade is a blade that can cut anything. On a living being, however, a shard blade will cut the soul, but unable to cut their flesh. While a shard plate is an armour that can only be damaged by a shard blade, and even then it needs to be hit twice. Though if you want to use the magic and the shard plate, you will need a stormlight that you can get by putting a sphere in the middle of a high storm.

Out of all the characters, the one that I ended up liking is Kaladin. He’s someone that’s broken and has gone through many hardships. One of them is being a bridgeman where many criminals and slaves are ordered to carry a bridge so that the soldiers can move past the cracks of the shattered plains. Besides being overworked, the bridgemen also serve as a target for the parshedi’s archers to hit. Many bridgemen will die on their first day because they’re not given any protection. I’ve always like grey character, and Kaladin’s struggle to choose what’s right and what’s wrong is something that I can enjoy. The other characters are also great. Dalinar is struggling to trust himself even when other people have thought that he’s gone mad because of his fits that he got whenever a high storm happens. And Adolin’s worries for his father make him likeable, he’s also a bit of a smartass. About Shallan, I can’t say much about her. If I need to rank the main character, she will be on the bottom. Not that she’s bad. But my level of connection with her isn’t as strong as the other main characters.

The plot of this books are well developed, and the world feels vast and new. Each species and cultures are different and unique. Ther are also many mysteries that still haven’t been uncovered. Brandon Sanderson is really an experienced writer. You can see that he has thought thoroughly about this series. Which I totally appreciate.

Though every book has its downfalls. One of the things that I don’t like is the romances in this books. I’m not a fan of romance, so I might be a bit subjective. But I don’t like them. They seem out of place and just for the sake of it. The second thing is the lack of sexual diversity. All of them appear to be straight. Like, really? While the length of these books do not faze me (because I love thick books), many people will be put off by it. You really have to like a slow pace to enjoy this series. If you’re not, I’ll suggest staying away from this.


I recommend this series. It’s a great book with innovative magic and a well-thought plot. Any good book that’s like this? Tell me about it in the comment.

So, yeah.

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