Nightrunner Series by Lynn Flewelling Review

Nightrunner series has a special place in my heart. It’s hard to find a good fantasy book with a main gay relationship. Most the fantasy books only feature them as a side pairing. While it’s a good thing, I often found myself unsatisfied.

This series has 7 books and follows the adventure of Seregil and Alec. They’re a nightrunner that works for Nysander, leader of the wizard. The story begins with Seregil saving Alec from a prison, and later will offer Alec to be his disciple. This series mainly rotates around the war between two countries; Skala and Plenimar. While adding a bit of summoning of a dark god, and necromancer. The world that Lynn Flewelling created is different than other stories. She even adds elf and put a spin on them. Oh, there are also dragons, unfortunately, they’re not that important. Most of the stories will be spent on Seregil and Alec sneaking around and uncovering secrets, but they’ll sometimes go on an adventure. Lynn is able to show that Seregil and Alec are truly capable as nightrunners. Unlike some YA books. The side characters are unique and have their own life and not just a walking cardboard with a name on them.

So that’s the good, let’s move to the bad.

When I read this series, there’s always this nagging feeling that something is missing from this series. Lynn fails at being able to emphasise the stake in her books and many of villains in this series are one dimensional. She also sometimes unable to make a satisfying ending. Many times I feel like there could be more of the story, more depth. She promises of great reveals and fails at delivering them.


Do I think that this is a good series? Yes. Do I recommend you to try it? Yes. There are few fantasy books with LGBT main character and this series is one of the good ones.

Any good fantasy book with LGBT main character? Tell me in the comment.

So, yeah.

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