The Realms of the Elderlings Series by Robin Hobb Review

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Young Fitz is the bastard son of the noble Prince Chivalry, raised in the shadow of the royal court by his father’s gruff stableman. He is treated as an outcast by all the royalty except the devious King Shrewd, who has him secretly tutored in the arts of the assassin. For in Fitz’s blood runs the magic Skill—and the darker knowledge of a child raised with the stable hounds and rejected by his family.

As barbarous raiders ravage the coasts, Fitz is growing to manhood. Soon he will face his first dangerous, soul-shattering mission. And though some regard him as a threat to the throne, he may just be the key to the survival of the kingdom.

I read the Realms of the Elderlings books excluding Liveship Trilogy and Rain Wild Chronicles in sequence. That means I read nine books of Fitz story and it took me around three months. The thing that makes me read this book is the promise of the relationship between Fitz and the Fool and as you guys know, I am a sucker for character driven and friendship book. And I swallowed these books, not literary of course. They have great writing and unique magics (the skill and the wit). They have complex side characters and a well-developed world. I love Fitz, even though he can be a fool sometimes. I love Fool too even if he’s a bit annoying in the last book. I love the plot even though the ending tore my heart into pieces.

The first trilogy starts with Fitz as a child and ended with him as an adult. I like this trilogy but it doesn’t satisfy my need of the promised friendship between Fitz and Fool. And so I moved to the next series. It’s still good, though I was even more dissatisfied with the ending of this trilogy. I continued. And I hate the first book of Fitz and the Fool. I don’t want to spoil but I’ll just say that the first book does not correspond with the name of the series. I can even say that all of the three books hardly correspond with the name of this series. Robin Hobb adds another point of view in this series which I don’t like. There’s a reason why I skipped Liveship Trilogy and Rain Wild Chronicle. Because I only care about Fitz story and adding another POV is not okay for me. I think this series will be more appropriate with a name Fitz and *** (for those who have read the series will understand).

I might be a bit ranty here, but I’m just so emotionally involved in these series that I can’t write without my feelings leaking in. Even though the series goes into a way that I don’t like I still can’t help but continued reading. And the reason for that is the characters. I really love Fitz and Fool that I kept pushing on. And you know what I cried in the end because the ending was so painful that I wanted to wail and because I had to say good bye to them. I don’t have many friends and I’m not that emotional but hell I care about them. They’re one of my favourite characters. And even though I have mixed feelings about this series; the Realms of the Elderlings is one of the best fantasy series ever written.


For those who seek a series with characters that you’ll fall in love with, but beware you have to have a strong heart because Robin Hobb is like George R. R. Martin in her own way.

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